basic care and tips

Follow these steps to keep your extensions beautiful!!!

  1. Untangle perfectly before washing your extensions, use shampoo and moisturizing treatment of good quality preferably sulfate-free. We recommend organic products.

  2. Star with hair tips and continue with the middle part until arriving at the root of the extensions. Remember just giving little pats. Never rub your extensions is not necessary and you will break the fibers of the hair. Let them dry naturally on a towel.

  3. Before combing them, make sure they are completely dry.

  4. We recommend using heat protector before using any instrument such as an iron, so you can avoid a little damage to the hair :)

  5. Keep them in a flat case away from humidity! Remember that the life of your extensions depends on the care you have. 


​Are you a fan of hair extensions? Take care of them ❤️ this info is important !!
☝Do not use shampoos with SULFATES. This ingredient is found in 90% of commercial shampoos. It is used as a detergent, it is also found in products such as degreasers of car machines and floor cleaners. Recent studies associate the use of shampoos with sulfates as the consequence of hair loss.

don't damage your hair,

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